TSI launches new branding strategy at global conference

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19 October 2011

Jonathan Kao, Chairman of Travel Solutions International (TSI), introduced new partners to the global network at a recent global conference held in Dubai in September 2011. 

TSI Japan – Wing Mate Travel Group, TSI Germany – Aerticket AG, TSI – Malaysia Leisure Holidays Travel and TSI South Korea -Value Tours were formally introduced to the delegates whilst an announcement was made that Rotamund SRL in Argentina had accepted an invitation to join the network as TSI Argentina.  In addition, TSI South Africa, TWF Global announced their expansion in Africa and their commitment to integrate their partners in Uganda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania into the TSI network.

During the conference, delegates from 16 countries agreed to the formation of a Technology working party in addition to a Sales and Marketing working group, both of which would take the network forward with regards to the development of technology and branding.  TSI, whose current domain is www.tsi.biz will rebrand in the coming months to www.tsi-network.com in tandem with the rebranding of their US partner who will formally trade as TSI USA.

TSI has seen recent success with the wins of major engineering firm McDermott as well as the win on a regional basis in Asia of UPS.  With these wins, TSI has proven that having professional consolidation, MIS and savings generation technology on a global basis, and working with strong partners regionally, can help companies better manage and analyse their travel spend.

Following three days of presentations and networking, Kao added that “the TSI network has developed considerably over the last two years and continues to be a real alternative to our competitor networks globally.”   The next conference is planned to take place in Cape Town in March 2012.