The Adventures of Palawan “First-timers.”

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The Adventures of Palawan “First-timers.”

The first week of June usually ushers in the end of Summer in the Philippines. For Honey and Jeanny, it is the end of the long wait for their trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. These first time adventurers, like any seasoned practical backpackers, have secured their trip months ahead of time. Excerpts of their adventures are as follows:



Day 1:

“’Rode an airplane for the first time — very very excited.”

“Reminded us of cotton candies (clouds), dragon flies (small aircrafts) and chocolate kisses (mountains). Excellent view from above. ”

“Enjoyed the panoramic view of Palawan during our final approach.”

“Arrived in Puerto Princesa at 9:15AM and immediately proceeded to our budget hotel.”

“Went hotel hopping and had a very ‘yummy’ lunch.”

“Convinced our tour guide to start the tour earlier than scheduled.”

“Strolled along the beautiful Baywalk — reminded us of Roxas Boulevard back home.”

“Stopped at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral to make a wish (Filipino custom states you get to make a wish when you visit a church for the first time).”

“Shopped for ‘pasalubongs’ at Baker’s Hill. Visited a Butterfly farm. And finally, saw a 17-foot crocodile with our own eyes.”


Day 2:

“Found ourselves getting our feet wet in Pandan Island. Snorkeled at Pambato reef — highly recommended!”

“Ended the day with an amazing dinner at Kalui. Restaurant has a very native and classical vibe into it. Ambience is amazing and the food did not disappoint either.”


Day 3:

“Headed to one of the world’s wonders, the Underground River (saving the best for last). Immersed ourselves in an 8.2 kilometer tour of stalagmites and stalactites”

“Headed back to the airport just in time to catch the last flight bound for Manila.”





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