Family Road Trip: Traveling made enjoyable

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Family Road Trip: Traveling made enjoyable

One Innova was no match for 6 and 1 ½ people (I have two younger brothers and we can’t decide if George is still a kid)… plus 5 bags, 1 ice chest, countless plastic bags of food, fruits, and even uling (coal.) It was another day out on the road with our whole family.

We were heading to Pampangga for Holy Week. This drive typically takes 2 hours, on average. But with the Encarnacion- Cruz family, travel from one point to the other is not done through a straight line. After stopping by corner stores and 2 different gas stations, we were nowhere near our destination. The never ending journey was aggravated by the Holy Week Exodus of people. We left Manila at 9:00 am but got to San Fernando, Pampangga at 12: 30 nn.


The beauty of traveling with your family is that you get to experience new things together. You’ll remember these trips 5 years from now, and you’ll be able to reminisce about the day Ate pooped on the island because she could not hold it in or that instance when the car was filled to the brim with dirty clothes and pasalubong, while traveling for 12 hours from Pagudpud to Manila.

Traveling together also allows you to know a little more about the people you live with. People who we often ignore when we are back at home and locked up in our own rooms.

Yes traveling with the family can be fun and memorable. But sometimes, the hardest part is on how to get there.

Due to the many times I have traveled with kids, grandparents, aunts, and uncles… I have a few ideas on how to make the trip enjoyable and memorable as well.

1.  Coordinate on what you will bring. 
Let’s face it, car space is limited and you will have to share it with the people who can be your best of friends and worst of enemies, your family. It’s best that you make sure you pack efficiently by not bringing 5 bottles of shampoo for 8 people.

2.  Play car games. 
If you want to end World War III at the back of your car, keep your two little brothers quiet by entertaining them. Research online about games you can play with kids in the car (ex. I Spy) or with the adults. You can even use your IPAD to play I-Henyo in the car. See how your mom guesses the word Aling Dionisia, despite her initial trepidation to compete with the kids.

3.  Bring sustenance: water, chips, candies. You will not survive the road without food, especially if you have kids along. When you get bored with talking and playing car games, munch on some goodies. But don’t overdo it or you might end up in a hole-in-the-wall bathroom… pooping.

4.  The world is your C.R.
Bring tissue and alcohol to sanitize strange bathrooms you might end up in during the stop over. Better yet, go to the bathroom before you leave for the trip and finish all the business you have with the toilet. And if you can’t stand strange bathrooms, call the first dibs on the comfort room when you get there.

5.  Keep yourself (and everyone else) in good humor. 
Cramming people like sardines may result in raised voices and hot tempers. So make sure you have some jokes or funny stories in your arsenal to break the heat. If you’re like me (corny and can’t tell a funny joke to save her life), you can try making fun of yourself or the situation that you are in.


With these tips on hand and a bag full of chips, I know you will enjoy getting there as much as you’ll love it when you’re there.


Bubbly is an Atenean working in La Salle. She is a School Administrator by day and a Student at night. Despite these paradoxical things about her, she is ever the optimist… always looking out for the next adventure around the corner. See her thoughts online in “Thought Bubbly”.


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